Dirty South Beat

Dirty South Type Beat ‘The Get Away (w/Hook)’ | Dirty South Beat | FREE DOWNLOAD

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Dirty South Type Beat ‘The Get Away (w/Hook)’ | Dirty South Beat | FREE DOWNLOAD  (Prod. by Aidano Beats)

Take a listen of our newest Dirty South Beat made for songs, mix tapes, albums or background music for videos including Music for Youtube Videos which is also has Free Downloads  its called “The Get Away (w/Hook)” (Prod. by Aidano Beats)

Genre: Dirty South Beat, Hip Hop and Music for Youtube Videos

BPM: 74 bpm

Production style: Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Drake, background music, Mood music instrumental, Music for Youtube Videos

Description: A lead brass instrument throughout the track with low synth pads for harmonic support to make it sound epic finished off with a Dirty South style drum pattern.

To Free Download this Dirty South Beat the link is in the video description – the beat will contain audio name tags in the beginning and through out the beat and is allowed for non-commercial use only!!! Check out the Terms of Use for more info.

If you wish to use this beat in your mixtape, album or videos commercially or want it without the name tags on throughout the beats, please purchase license from the Beats for Sale & Hip Hop Beats for Sale page and check out our license options.

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